What Type Of Gold To Invest In

Investing in gold has always been a good idea, but never as much as it is now. No, not because gold is so cheap right now. It is actually quite expensive. But, with the economy going the way it is, it is the only way to protect your money and your future.
There are many examples throughout history where currencies have been devalued. Some currencies, like Confederate money, have been rendered illegal tender. It has happened before and it can happen again. Other precious metals and gold investments have seen ups and downs in value, but have always been considered legal tender all over the world.

Here are some ways you can start investing in gold.

Old Gold

Old gold is the easiest and cheapest way to raise some money. Lately there have been tons of gold buying companies popping up. They like to call old gold “scrap gold” but it is just as valuable, if not more, than “new gold.” Some old gold is worth more because it may have historical value. In most cases, old gold has less gold content than new gold. This is especially true for jewelry. Even new jewelry only contains about 40 – 75 % of gold. So if you have any pieces of jewelry laying around that you don’t want anymore, or have a successful metal detecting trip, you could get a nice chunk of change. You can then invest this in 99 % or higher pure gold coins.

Gold Bullion

Gold bullion is the purest form of real gold. It could come in the form of bars or coins. Coins are easier to store and exchange. Large bullion bars can be a bit cumbersome to handle. Coins are easy to handle and are usually minted with cool designs. The all-time favorite is the famous Canadian Leaf. It is the purest gold coin in the world at 99.99 %, and is available in a variety of denominations. Of course, the cool designs do make the coins more expensive than the bars. Learn more about gold ira by reading this page.

Gold Shares

Investing in gold shares might work for some, but basically, it is as useless as investing in the stock market. All you get for your money is a piece of paper that says you own a certain amount of gold.